“Dear Monica:

My Mother was in tears of pure joy at seeing the display that you prepared today and last nights
Cake was glorious as well.

I could never thank you adequately for all of your efforts as there would have been no cake at all prior to your involvement.

All of my guests were forwarded links to your website and I will continue to refer people to you, forever.

Sending you best wishes
for all of your dreams to become realized in 2016.
You are a treasure and again, all my most sincere gratitude and best wishes for you to  continue to shine in your career.  You are truly an artist.


Will Gamble”

William Gamble

“I’m proud to say that Monica has been my cake baker for over a year now. I’m thankful for her!! The cakes not only looked phenomenal & detailed, but taste amazing also & that’s a plus. Thank you for everything Monica!! 

Celeste C.

“Hello Monica. Yes it was wonderful in every way and we love the cake. We are at this minute enjoying it with a cup of tea.
Thank you. It was gorgeous!”
Pam S.

“Hi Monica, Thanks so much! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect, thank you. The cake was PERFECT! We got so, so, so many compliments on it. It was DELICIOUS!!!!! Thank you so much, we could not be happier!!!”

Jamie M.

“My daughter loved the cake.  She said “it’s so beautiful and elegant”
exactly what we were looking for.  Thanks for being part of her
special day -we’ll be back.”

Judith W

“Hola Monica, el pastel quedo fabuloso y nos encanto.  Fue una linda sorpresa para Lauren.Las perlas fueron lo que nos cayo mas en gracia. Todavia tengo una rebanadita que disfrutar. DELICIOSO! Empiezo a hacer la dieta para la boda, pues se que voy a tener que probar todos los sabores ese dia.

Mil gracias!”
Lucia M

Hello Monica, First just want to say the wedding cake for Michelle greens wedding at the tides was absolutely fantastic.  And for you to be able to help us out last minute was above and beyond great customer service.

Again thanks for everything.


Tony H

“Hey! Thank you so much! The cake was amazing and my father in law LOVED the cupcakes.”
Randi D

“Everything about the cake was perfect! It looked great, I thought it looked just like the picture stephanie had picked out. The cake tasted wonderful! They cut and served the second layer first, and they also put out some of the lemon. The chocolate cake I believe got eaten as there was none left over. I made sure to try some ( and I should not eat any chocolate as it trips migraines) but I ate just about the whole piece! My husband and I hand carried the to player and what was left of the lemon all the way home on the plane! I brought the top layer over to Stephanie and Tucker’s house for them to have when they got home on Sunday.
 My husband and I have been postponing our diets so that we can have a piece of the lemon cake every evening!
I feel badly now that I asked you if there would be enough! The layers you make sure do allow for a healthy serving!
We wish you the very best, you are a talented baker! Let us know if you happen to re- locate to the Boston area.”  
Kathy M

“I’m proud to say that Monica has been my cake baker for over a year now. I’m thankful for her!! The cakes not only looked phenomenal & detailed, but taste amazing also & that’s a plus. Thank you for everything Monica!! 

Celeste C.

“Hi Monica, 

 Amazing wedding, Amazing cake. Loved it.”

Esther H.

“Hi Monica!

The cake was absolutely STUNNING! It was exactly what I pictured it to be! And was delicious! Thank you so much for being a part of my wedding.”

Kaitlyn S.

“Hi Monica, 

 The cake was AMAZING! !!! Thank you so much!!”

Ali K.

“Hi Monica,

Thank you so much for your help with the cakes for the wedding. I had so many compliments on your cakes before we ate it, and even more afterwards. Thank you for your hard work and great service!”



It was fantastic.  Everyone loved it – the taste- the design – everything.  The caterer said it was the most unique cake he had ever seen.  Thanks so much!!!!”

MaryAnn V

“It was so awesome! Visually and tasty! We and our guests were very impressed! Thank you so much!”

Angela V

“Hi Monica,

 The cake was amazing and my son along with everybody else loves the cake. You will be on the top of my list for future orders. Thank you so much for making my son birthday special with the turtle cake.”

KaShana G


 Everything was wonderful!  The cake was adorable and tasty for our family and the cupcakes were a huge hit at the party.  Everyone asked me who made them.  Thank you so much!”

Elizabeth S

“Hi Monica,

 Both the cheese cakes and the wedding cakes were devoured! The wedding cake looked spectacular. Thank you for making our wedding celebration so delicious.”

Maya Y

“Monica, I just wanted to thank you! The cake turned exactly how I wanted it!! It was awesome! I am definitely spreading the word!! All our guests were super impressed! You did a wonderful job!! Very happy customer.”

Bernadette A

Hi Monica,

Everyone loved & enjoyed the cake.. Thank you again!! It was lovely!!

Celeste C.

“Hi Monica!

The cakes were so beautiful and our family and friends went nuts over them.  They were delicious!  I’m not sure our top tier will make it to next year!  Nick and I were absolutely thrilled with it.

Thank you so much!”

Randi B.

“The wedding cake was beautiful and everyone love it.”

Lisa A.

” Hi Monica,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful and delicious cake! Everyone was impressed with both the look of it as well as the taste! I am so happy you were available for our day!! We will send pictures if you would like of the beautiful cake!!

Thanks again,” 

Brittany C.


The cakes were awesome! Thank you so much.  Jason was wonderfully surprised by the bear cake!!

Thanks again!”

Celeste P.

“The two cakes were AMAZING!!! We absolutely loved them! “

Rebecca L

“THANKS SO MUCH, MONICA !!! Everybody keeps asking my mom and me who did the cupcakes and they are all talking about how amazing they were!!! :)”

Kimberly C

“Hi Monica! Thank you so much for the cake! We wanted to let you know that everyone agreed it was the best wedding cake they’ve ever had! It looked beautiful! Thank you so much.”

Hannah S

“Hi Monica, I received the mints yesterday! They are absolutely beautiful and taste amazing!! Thanks so much!”

Brittany C

“Dear Monica  –   Well…..everything was delicious, no wonderful, no exceptional…..all of the above.  Thank you so very much for the major roll you played in making Friday night such a success.  The biscuits were truly impressive with a perfect texture and of course the taste was lovely.  My friend Neita said she grabbed one on the way out the door and ate it on the street without a napkin.  What a testimony!”  

Sarah G



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