At Sablée we combine great quality and unique flavors with an incredible artistic touch. We provide outstanding customer service, making your wedding cake experience a breeze!

Not sure if you want a fondant cake or a buttercream cake?  Here is some information that will help you choose.

Fondant is a sugar icing that is used to cover cakes.  This icing can be colored, draped and shaped. It is used only to achieve a certain look for your cake.  It adds no flavor, yet it gives the cake a very elegant and smooth look. There are numerous designs that can be achieved when using fondant.  Fondant is recommended for summer outdoor weddings. This icing holds up much better than buttercream, when the weather is hot and humid.

Buttercream icing is a soft icing that is used to coat and fill cakes. Our buttercream icing is light and fluffy, not too sweet, not too rich, just perfect!   This icing can be colored, can be used to add texture to your cake, or it can be applied creating a smooth look as well.

Contact us for pricing and cake flavors. Gluten free options available. 






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